Club Meeting – November 13th, 2014

Keynote Speaker – Ron Crouch, who currently serves as Director of Research and Statistics, Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, overseeing the development of databases on demographic, social, educational, workforce, and economic issues and trends relating to the state of Kentucky, October, 2009 to present.

Research and Statistics is developing tables, spreadsheets, and ARC/GIS maps looking at national, regional, and Kentucky realities. Ron served as Director of the Kentucky State Data Center, KSDC, located at the University of Louisville from August, 1988 until his retirement at the end of May, 2009, nearly 21 years.

Ron has developed a national database analyzing trends by both Census regions and states. He also has developed Census profiles for all 50 states including population pyramids by race and Hispanic origin, a population chart showing population trends by age by race and Hispanic origin, and tables indicating trends on demographic, social and economic variables.

Ron’s background is in analyzing data and developing information in ways that enhance understanding and utilization. Ron’s vocation is that of “knowledge dissemination”. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a major in Sociology, and minors in Political Science and Economics. He holds Masters degrees in Sociology, MA, and in Social Work, MSSW, from the University of Louisville, and a Master in Business Administration, MBA, from Bellarmine University. He did doctoral work in Sociology at the University of Kentucky.